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A Beginner’s Guide To The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Still on the fence about artificial grass? With advances in technology and manufacturing, artificial grass has never been more of an attractive and affordable option for your garden.

Termi home & commercial October 6, 2023 · 10 min read

Key Insights

  • Natural grass is one of those seemingly little expenses that add up and up until you’re wondering where all the money went each year.
  • With proper care, the sturdy fibres of synthetic grass can last for a long time and will not become patchy like natural grass can.

Requiring minimal maintenance and long lasting, installing synthetic turf can work out to be a cost-effective and time saving investment for you and your family in the long run.

Not convinced yet? Let’s run through just some of the benefits to be gained from rolling out artificial grass in your garden.

Lower maintenance

You’ll have a few less chores to do over weekends once the garden has been refitted with artificial grass. Synthetic grass won’t have to be watered everyday apart from the occasional hose down to get rid of dirt. You can even sell or give away your lawn mower, as you’ll no longer need it.

Instead of spending time tending after your garden every weekend, feel free to simply take the time to enjoy your lawn by playing a round of cricket with the kids or setting up and impromptu garden picnic.

It doesn’t require treatment with pesticides or fertilisers

There will be no need to carry around heavy bags of smelly fertiliser or to spray the garden with potentially hazardous pesticides – synthetic grass can simply be left to its own devices. There’s no risk of your garden getting patchy in dry, hot weather, and you won’t have to worry about the grass getting overgrown if you go away on holiday.

To keep synthetic grass in top condition, give it the occasional hose down and remove debris with a leaf blower or a rake to clean it up. If a few weeds do manage to pop up here and there, just pull them out and brush the fibres back into place – your lawn will be as good as new!

Environmentally friendly

Perhaps a lesser-known advantage to making an investment in synthetic grass is that it is an environmentally friendly option for your backyard or garden. Not only will homeowners be saving water by not having to water the garden (thereby cutting down on water bill costs), but not having to use fertilisers and pesticides will also ensure that no potentially harmful chemicals run off into the ground.

It’s designed to last

Let the kids and family dog run and play around the garden all year round without having to worry about wear and tear.

With proper care, the sturdy fibres of synthetic grass can last for a long time and will not become patchy like natural grass can. The synthetic fibres also mean artificial grass is suitable for those with allergies to grass or the pesticides often used to treat natural grasses.

Should the synthetic fibres start to look a little flat, you may want to brush the fibres or add more sand to ensure the fibres stand straight. Just make sure the sand is evenly distributed throughout the yard and particularly at high-traffic areas.

It looks great all year round

Well, this is an obvious point but because there’s no need to water, mow or otherwise tend to synthetic grass, artificial lawns will look great hail or shine! Moreover, options are available today for lawns that can look as good as the read deal, so your lawn can look lush no matter the weather conditions.

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