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Termi Home & Commercial technicians and installers are fully trained and are accredited to comply with Australian building and pest control standards.

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Termi Home & Commercial products and services are suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

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The Termi Story

Termi Home & Commercial’s directors have been with the company since its inception and have been instrumental to the continued success of the company.

James Damianopoulos, Tony Sala and Clive Cumming are dedicated to upholding the core values the company was founded on whilst continuing to develop technologically advanced products and services which meet only the highest standards.


Termimesh: An Aussie Invention

Founded in 1990 as Termimesh Australia in Perth, Western Australia, where our marine grade stainless steel termite barrier was invented. Termimesh Australia continues to expand its franchise network around Australia and internationally.

1992 - 1996

The first Termimesh franchise was sold

The first Termimesh franchise was sold in June 1992, and by August 1996, the number of Australian territories held by franchisees and licensees had grown to 50.


Termimesh Warranty Fund was established

Termimesh Warranty Fund was established in 1993 and offered the most comprehensive and genuine warranty in the market.

1995 - 2001

Global expansion of Termimesh

Termimesh achieves significant milestones by expanding its franchise globally, with an established presence now in Hawaii, Texas, Florida, Singapore, and Japan.


Termimesh Australia changes to TMA Corporation

2003 marked the rebranding of Termimesh Australia to TMA Corporation and signified a strategic shift towards expanded service offerings and innovations in the pest control industry.


Continuing innovation and dedication in the pest control industry

Termimesh Pest Management, established in 2003, continues its legacy of innovation and dedication in the pest control industry. TMA Corporation expands its core business by acquiring successful franchises around Australia.

2004 - 2016

TMA Corporation transformed and diversifies its range of services

Our original product, the Termimesh System, has been the backbone of our business. However, we now offer a range of products and services, including pest control, waterproofing, artificial turf, and floor coatings.


Vietnam market established

Our relationship with Hanoi Pest Control establishes Termimesh’s presence in the Vietnamese market.


Termi Home & Commercial launched

In January 2012, the Termi Home & Commercial brand was launched, laying the groundwork for an expanded network and the introduction of new products and services.


Termishine was added as a product offering

Termishine was integrated into the Termi Home & Commercial portfolio to provide superior floor coating solutions.


Termiscreens security screen brand was established

An opportunity to deliver quality security doors and windows saw Termiscreens added to our service offerings.

The global impact of Termi H&C

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