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Is Your Commercial Project Worth Protecting?

The Termimesh System has a well-proven history of protecting major commercial projects around the world including schools, hospitals, residential apartments, retirement villages and more. As the inventor of the stainless steel mesh termite barrier, our leadership in the sector is unmatched. We encourage architects and commercial builders to thoroughly assess termite management options before deciding on the system to protect their projects and investments.

Termi home & commercial October 3, 2023 · 10 min read
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Key Insights

  • If nothing else, the fact is, the architects and builders selected Termimesh to protect these buildings now and into the future.
  • Architects need to be aware that other stainless steel mesh termite barriers might not be equal to the performance claims that are made.
  • Architects, builders and investors have a building that has the most effective termite management system for now and for many years into the future.

Protecting High Value Projects

We’re here to help architects and builders, and that starts with sharing our knowledge and information about our company, people, products and projects. Our unmatched project history demonstrates the real proof of the performance of the Termimesh system.

Commercial Construction ventures protected by the Termimesh System include schools, university facilities and education campuses, hospitals and medical centres, commercial precincts and even international airports.

Some specific examples of facilities being protected by our mesh right now include:

  • Changi International Airport Changi Airport, Terminals 3 and 4, Singapore
  • Raffles International Hospital, Singapore
  • Macquarie University Library, Sydney
  • Our Lady of Grace Primary School, Perth
  • Austin Resource Centre for the Homeless, Austin Texas, USA
  • IBM Tivoli Building 101, Austin Texas, USA


If nothing else, the fact is, the architects and builders selected Termimesh to protect these buildings now and into the future. That, along with the extensive range of commercial and residential builds we have safeguarded over the last 30 years, clearly show the outstanding performance of the Termimesh System over time.

“Yes, we add significant value to commercial projects with the level of protection provided by the Termimesh System. And we continue to add value with unequalled sector expertise, tested installation processes and trained installers. These factors combine to deliver benefits straight away, and into the future.” – Anthony D’Amico – Termi Home & Commercial Operations Manager, Perth WA

The Highest Quality Mesh for Significant Projects

Before a decision can be made regarding the specification for termite management, it is important that architects and commercial builders understand the quality of the barrier they select.
For instance, with termite mesh barriers, the quality of stainless steel alloys varies greatly between suppliers.

Around Australia, throughout South East Asia and the USA, we are proud of our own proprietary TMA725 stainless steel specification. This austenitic grade of stainless steel features a molybdenum content more than double that of 316 stainless steel. Termimesh delivers superior protection levels when compared to 316 or 316L and far exceeds the Australian Standard.

Architects need to be aware that other stainless steel mesh termite barriers might not be equal to the performance claims that are made. When the protection of large scale commercial building projects is your priority, specify a product that is proven to provide true and ongoing protection.

“We know that no other termite mesh equals the material specification of Termimesh. It’s the quality of the stainless steel and the manufacture standard of the mesh that determines if the termite barrier is effective over time.” – James Damianopoulos – TMA Corporation Director and COO

Mother Teresa Catholic College

We have touched on some of the commercial protected by Termimesh right now, such as Singapore’s Changi International Airport. Impressive, and something to be proud of, but we also work with more modest projects, closer to home. It is in the education and health sectors that our people find some of the most rewarding projects.

Mother Teresa Catholic College is a great example of a local school project where the Termimesh System was installed. The school’s ongoing plans for facility enhancements represents a significant investment, and one worth protecting with the safest and most effective pre-construction termite management system.

This progressive co-educational facility lies 60 kilometres south of Perth, in Baldivis, a fast-growing suburb in the City of Rockingham. The school opened in 2013 and in 2018/19 a Stage 3 Capital Development Program included the construction of new classrooms and associated facilities with playing fields, sports courts, and grounds and extended parking for the school’s community.

Built on a typical West Australia site, the college’s location is mostly flat, with sandy soils and substrates. Environments of this nature often present high risks of compromise by termite attacks, a typical problem in this region.

The school provides a place for learning and care for children from pre-kindergarten through to Year 12. With children at the heart of the facility, toxic or chemical termite control was not an option. Therefore with health and safety in mind, the right choice and the best solution was a clean and environmentally safe physical termite barrier.

In 2019, as the world’s focus shifts more and more to the environment, and safe solutions for humans, Termimesh has never been a better choice to deliver the right kind of termite protection for commercial projects – safe and effective.

Not only is Termimesh proven to be absolutely effective, and provide peace of mind to architects, builders and investors, it is also the best solution for those who inhabit these buildings. From school children to the elderly, or medical patients and office workers, these people deserve non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions, just as the builders and investors deserve true protection.

The Termimesh System is able to deliver both.

The Pledge Guarantee. Added Security

Pledge is exclusive to Termimesh. We created this industry leading guarantee to give architects, builders and owners a unique level of security.

We were the first termite barrier company to develop a true warranty covering materials and installation. We recommend you investigate termite barrier supplier warranties with the same energy as you investigate the product itself. The protection offered by the Pledge Guarantee is unique and can only come from a national company with well over a quarter of a century’s experience installing and guaranteeing stainless steel termite mesh in Australian and international environments.

The Pledge Guarantee adds an important level of additional protection for any type of commercial project. It not only helps protects the buildings themselves, but the reputations of the architects and builders as well.

“We chose the name of our guarantee carefully. The Pledge name is strong and based on strength and trust. The relationships we build are like the protection we provide – long lasting. Long after a project is finished, the Pledge Guarantee continues to protect the reputations of architects and builders.“ – James Damianopoulos – TMA Corporation, Director & COO

It is fair to say that we have the most experience in this space and are well placed to share our knowledge with the sector.

As with most things, standards and outcomes vary greatly from company to company, from product to product, and from guarantee to guarantee. Our best advice is to spend a small amount of time understanding the full details and use the Termimesh System and the Pledge Guarantee as your benchmark and point of comparison.

In the end, the most important defining outcome is simple. Architects, builders and investors have a building that has the most effective termite management system for now and for many years into the future. That’s where peace of mind comes from.

If you have questions about the Termimesh Pledge Guarantee, contact your local Termi Home and Commercial / Termimesh Service centre, where you’ll find experienced people, ready to help.