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Have a bee problem? Don’t worry we'll take care of it.

At Termitrust we know bees so you don’t have to. Any swarm of bees around your home should be removed as quickly as possible as they can establish new nests or hives very quickly and in large numbers.

Professional bee removal by Termitrust is your best choice to get rid of bees or wasps around your home, garden or business. Most importantly, we know bees in your area. We have pest technicians on the ground around Australia who can assist with your pest control needs.

*Please note this service is not available in all areas.


Common Types of Bees

European or Western Honey Bee

Australia’s early European settlers introduced Honey Bees to ensure a good supply of honey. Honey Bees are one of the most recognisable insects. They are somewhat variable in colour but are usually brown with a banded dull yellow and brown abdomen. Honey Bee stings are barbed and, when a person is stung, the sting (with venom gland attached) will stick in the skin and tear away from the bee. This injury kills the bee, but the venom gland continues to pump venom through the sting.

Native Australian Bees

Native bees are found in most parts of Australia. We have over 1,500 species of native bees which range in size from 2 to 24 mm. The vast majority of species are solitary. They have quite small nests and do not store honey. About ten species are social. We are more familiar with social bees which live in large colonies, have queens and many workers and drones. They generally do not sting whilst larger solitary bees are capable of stinging.


Did you know?

  • To make a kilo of honey, a colony of honey bees collect nectar from over two million flowers
  • A worker bee only makes about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its life
  • There is only one insect in the world that produces food eaten by humans – the honey bee
  • A queen bee can live for up to 6 years
  • An average hive can contain up to 50,000 worker bees

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