About Snake Removal & Control

Removing snakes from in or around your home or business is not a job for amateurs. Whilst not all species are venomous, no one should take chances with snakes.

Many of our centres are experts in professional snake removal, servicing areas such as Perth, Joondalup, Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle & Hunter and Canberra. We remove snakes with specialised snake catching equipment and depending on the species, release it into a large secluded bushland area or wetlands. An inspection of the immediate area is undertaken to ensure that no other snakes remain. We will offer recommendations for prevention and proofing.


Tiger snake

Did You Know?

  • Snakes can expand the capacity of their jaws due to an elastic jaw ligament
  • Snakes have poor eyesight but have heat sensors that can pick up vibrations
  • A snake can tell the difference between temperature changes and body heat from prey using these sensors
  • Snakes are meat eaters but can’t chew their food so have to swallow it whole
  • A snake doesn’t have any eyelids

Common Types of Snakes

Eastern Brown Snake

Whilst usually a uniform shade of brown, the Eastern Brown snake can have various patterns including speckles and bands. They range in colour from a very pale fawn through to black, including orange, silver, yellow and grey. Their belly is a light cream colour, often with orange blotches. The Eastern Brown Snake rates number two on the world’s most venomous snake list and is found throughout the east coast of Australia.


The Dugite snake is commonly found in the south west of Western Australia and southern South Australia. A full grown adult can be up to 2 metres in length. Their overall colour ranges from brown to olive brown to brownish grey, with irregular black or dark grey spotting. Eastern and southern individuals are more heavily spotted and sometimes becoming totally dark. The Dugite has made itself at home around urban and semi-rural areas, drawn to the prevalence of the house mouse, its favoured prey.

Tiger Snake

Tiger snakes, found in the south of the southern Australian states, are prevalent mainly around wetland areas. The Tiger snake is one of the most venomous snakes in Australia and, indeed, the world. They can grow up to 1.2 metres in length. They have prominent yellow and black cross-bands however not all have this pattern. Others are dark olive brown to blackish-brown, with off white to yellowish cross-bands.

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