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Protecting Historical Landmarks: Norwood Oval Adelaide – NATSPEC Case Study

Not only did our system meet the strict chemical free requirements, it will also continue to deliver the ongoing reassurances and peace of mind that comes with our market leading Pledge Guarantee.

Termi home & commercial November 6, 2023 · 10 min read

The Requirement

Termi Home & Commercial takes pride in contributing to the noteworthy Norwood Oval Redevelopment initiative in Adelaide, South Australia. Being a significant football venue in Adelaide, we implemented a non-chemical termite management solution to meet the project’s unique requirements.

Our team carefully devised and installed the Termimesh System, considering both the site’s historical importance and the newly developed facilities.

The Challenge

The project’s complexity arose from the intricate external geometry of the new construction and the need for seamless integration with existing buildings. Challenges were heightened in heritage-listed areas like the Sir Edwin Smith Grandstand, where minimal external façade alterations were permitted. The Termimesh system’s strength lies in its flexibility, specifically designed to adapt to unique project requirements.

our solution

The Benefits

From the initial design phase to on-site support during construction, our commitment to customisation and streamlined solutions underscores our dedication to delivering lasting benefits in both historical preservation and contemporary construction contexts.