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Synthetic Grass Maintenance Made Easy

Synthetic grass has quickly become a popular low-maintenance alternative to real lawn. Its aesthetic provides a ‘real’ lawn look, which to many, is the sole reason they are making the switch.

Termi home & commercial October 5, 2023 · 10 min read
Synthetic grass maintenance made easy

Key Insights

  • How often you need to perform the maintenance tasks on your artificial turf will depend on your particular home situation.
  • If you are looking to save water, time and energy, consider adding synthetic grass to your outdoor area.

Although compared to regular turf synthetic grass maintenance is minimal, there are still things you can, and should, be doing to maintain the lushness of the area. The following are some of the easy cleaning techniques you can utilise to keep your artificial lawn space looking better than the real thing!

By hand

It is easy to remove the larger objects that find their way onto your new lawn by hand. Whether this is twigs or leaves that fall from nearby trees, rather than using a rake or leaf blower for these smaller tasks, just simply pick up all the larger waste on your lawn.

Leaf Blower

This can be completed less frequently than the spraying, but if your synthetic grass area is prone to accumulating dropped leaves in Autumn, a quick burst with the leaf blower will remove any leaves efficiently. However, consistently using this method can leave the lawn looking out of proportion, so this should be undertaken less frequent than the other cleaning techniques.


Alternatively, clearing regular waste can be completed by raking and brushing the area. Using a strong rake or a stiff brush is the most thorough way to remove larger pieces of debris or waste that have found its way onto your lawn. This is also a great way to ensure that the individual blades stay upright after the area has seen excessive traffic. However, it is essential to remain gentle when undertaking this process, and use tools with a softer composition to avoid damaging the material.

Things to Avoid

Using steel brushes or rakes can be damaging to your lawn, and the stronger the item you are using to clear the area is, the more likely it is that the blades will be bent or broken. There are also some materials that when left on the lawn can breakdown and release corrosive chemicals. These include animal faeces; dead bugs and other organic material. Therefore it is vital that animal waste is regularly cleared, and that there is a routine maintenance schedule put in place.

Compared to the maintenance that is required for natural lawn, synthetic grass will take a fraction of the time. Natural lawn has no guarantee regarding the look and feel, as it is succpetial to harsh weather conditions and some diseases, artificial lawn with some minor care will provide unmatched vibrancy all year round.

If you are looking to save water, time and energy, consider adding synthetic grass to your outdoor area. Give the team at Termiturf a call today to organise a quote!