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Evidence of waterproofing service failures can include:

  • Damp areas and fungi growth in adjoining rooms
  • Wet carpet with mould growth, fungal decay or staining
  • Degradation of structural timbers and ceilings
  • Strong musty odors
  • Moisture droplets or staining to sub-floor timbers such as bearers and joists under or adjacent to wet areas
  • Rising or penetrating damp in walls adjacent to wet areas

Causes of waterproofing failure could include:

  • Poor bathroom design
  • The use of an inappropriate or inadequate waterproofing system
  • Incorrect installation or application by the waterproofing contractor
  • No written instructions or training provided with the membrane system
  • Lack of supervision or quality control particularly in preparation of the substrate
  • Incorrect positioning of the installation of the shower screen
  • Waterstops for hobless showers being too low
  • Incorrect selection, installation or lack of a bond breaker
  • Incompatible bond breaker or filler joint
  • Sealant incompatible with waterproof membrane
  • Damage to membrane after installation
  • Omissions of sealant around shower screen fixings


(Reference: MBA Guide to Internal Wet Area Waterproofing)


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Termidry Waterproofing Service

Our network has access to a wide range of products, allowing us to provide the most appropriate product for each application. Not all of these products are listed below but our authorised service centres will advise when preparing your quotation.

Internal Wet Areas

The Termidry waterproofing system uses only premium grade materials supplied by proven manufacturers. The key features include:

  • Approved Class Ill membranes to AS4858 for internal wet areas allowing for maximum performance and movement
  • Comply with the performance requirements of the 2022 National Construction Code
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low VOC content
Retaining Wall - 3

Retaining walls

Retaining Walls – Positive:

Bitumen based waterborne membrane is used for standard walls.

Specialised retaining wall products allowing for potential movement in walls or where exposure to UV is anticipated.

Retaining Walls – Negative:

Two-component membrane specifically designed for negative side waterproofing.

Creates an effective barrier against waterborne salts and provides a hardwearing seamless waterproof membrane.

Wentworth Falls TD - 1

Safe water storage, weather-resistant membranes, flexible crack sealing

Water Tanks:

Products have been tested as suitable for collection and storage of drinking water in accordance with AS 4020.

Podium Decks, Balconies and Roof Decks:

Products used include highly flexible UV resistant membranes or high performance synthetic rubber-based membranes that are designed to offer long-term UV and weather resistance to exposed areas subjected to ponding and permanent immersion.

Crack Injection:

Single component hydrophilic polyurethane in combination with specialised polyether polyols are designed to only react when in contact with water to form a flexible polyurethane seal.

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