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Our Company & Waterproofing Systems

Termidry is a commercial and residential waterproofing service for internal and external areas of buildings along with other applications. Termidry applicators are trained and accredited with many having Certificate III in Constructional Waterproofing or higher qualifications.

Backed by intensive research and development, Termidry waterproofing solutions deliver an outstanding level of quality, service and reliability. Combined with first class products from leading manufacturers, Termidry delivers the highest standard of workmanship and guaranteed performance at competitive rates due to our buying power as a national company.

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The Termidry System

The delivery of our waterproofing system and service is based on premium products supplied by established industry leaders with proven track records in waterproofing systems. Backed with installations undertaken by the Termi network using accredited experienced applicators, quality performance is ensured and supported by our Termidry Warranty.*

Our installations meet and often exceed the manufacturer’s specifications and the performance requirements of the 2022 National Construction Code. We offer:

  • Proven products that have a low VOC content
  • Liquid membranes to provide seamless coatings
  • Well-established SWMS through the Termi Network, comply with toolbox meetings and electrical tagging as required by WorkCover
  • Compatibility with the use of standard cement based tile adhesives ensuring your tiler does not have to use specialised products
  • Attractive pricing for water proofing systems
  • Installation Certificates confirming compliance with the 2022 National Construction Code

*Terms & Conditions apply

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