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Why Choose Sustainable Termite Barrier Protection Systems

Termimesh has been a market leader for the past 30 years with their eco friendly mesh barrier system used to protect homes and buildings from termite entry and damage.

Termimesh provides a safe and eco friendly alternative to chemical termite treatments. Made from marine grade stainless steel, Termimesh provides a physical barrier that prevents termites from accessing and damaging the structure and internal fixtures such as timber floorboards, cupboards and skirtings.

This sustainable, chemical free termite barrier system is installed around the slab and in the cavity wall around the perimeter of the building to create a protective layer that is impenetrable to termites. It acts like a heavy duty security screen against termite entry. It is durable and long lasting, making it ideal for those who want a poison free solution to protect their homes and buildings for the long term.


Why choose Termimesh Chemical Friendly Barriers

Termimesh is also a cost effective solution for termite protection. While traditional chemical treatments may require frequent reapplications and maintenance, Termimesh provides long lasting protection without the need for ongoing termite retreatments. A once off installation, during the construction of the building, makes it a convenient and time saving option.

Termimesh is a powerful and eco friendly solution for termite protection that provides many benefits over traditional chemical treatments. Its poison free nature makes it a safer option for those who are concerned about the potential health and environmental risks associated with chemical treatments. Whether you are a homeowner, builder, or property developer, Termimesh is an ideal solution for those who want to protect their homes and buildings from termites in a safe and sustainable way.


Why Are Preconstruction Termite Barriers So Important?

Below are some more reasons why customers choose Termimesh.

  • Preferred choice by many architects who are now focused on sustainable design and construction
  • Extensively tested and passed by CSIRO
  • Surpasses the Australian standard for termite protection
  • Provides whole of home protection Including internal fittings vs structure only
  • Code Mark approved

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