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How Termites Get In

Termites need only a very small space to get into your home – 1mm is enough. The biggest problem is recognising the signs that your house is under attack.

Termites generally enter from under the home itself. There are two vulnerable areas for a home with normal slab-on-ground construction. Up alongside plumbing or electrical pipe penetrations which penetrate the slab and into the wall cavities around the perimeter of the home.

The Termimesh System Termite Control System is designed to prevent concealed access in these areas from ground level.

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Tips for maintaining your Termimesh Barrier and protecting your home.

  • Do not store any materials over the barrier
  • Provide a 25mm inspection gap between the wall and any fixtures, such as water heaters, airconditioning units and storage sheds
  • Ensure leaking taps and faulty plumbing is fixed as termites are attracted to moisture
  • New cabling or plumbing pipes should be above the termite barrier
  • Contact your Local Centre for advice if you are planning any extensions to your home to discuss how this may affect your Termimesh barrier and warranty


Note: The Termimesh System is a termite management system as defined in Australian Standard 3660.1 2014 Section 5. The purpose of a termite management system in new construction is to deter concealed entry from the soil into the building. Australian Standards also recommend regular termite inspections.

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