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Key features of the Termimesh System

  • Made from ultra marine grade stainless steel so it will not corrode
  • Technically advanced and ISO 9001-2016 accredited
  • The mesh apertures are too small for termites to squeeze through
  • So strong termites cannot eat through it or destroy it
  • Built into the home during construction
  • Blocks concealed termite entry points
  • Poison free
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How will Termimesh benefit you?

  • Environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets
  • Protects internal timber fittings such as floorboards, skirtings, kitchen and bathroom cabinets unlike steel frame and treated timber homes
  • Once off installation
  • Requires no retreatments
  • Saves you money over time
  • Backed by our upfront 10 year Pledge Guarantee
  • No compulsory annual termite inspections
  • Guarantee extendable
  • Supported by our national network

The Termimesh System has been successfully installed in over 700,000 homes throughout Australia and overseas and is the preferred choice for many leading Australian builders and architects.

Note: The Termimesh System is a termite management system as defined in Australian Standard 3660.1 2014 Section 5. The purpose of a termite management system in new construction is to deter concealed entry from the soil into the building. Australian Standards also recommend regular termite inspections.

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