NATSPEC Branded Worksection

The thorough NATSPEC approval process for the Termimesh branded worksection ensures you have easy access to a conforming product specification. Our editable specification template is available in Microsoft Word and follows the NATSPEC style which can be customised for your project.

Our branded worksection relates to the Termimesh System which is a conforming physical termite barrier for termite management under the Australian standard, AS 3660.1.

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The NATSPEC branded worksections allows architects to take advantage of the following:

  • Templates that are approximately 90% pre-edited requiring little to no customisation
  • Product information is readily available via hyperlinks between the template and our website
  • Industry knowledge and regular updates when required of changes to standards and building codes
  • For a full list of advantages, visit the NATSPEC website
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What is NATSPEC?

NATSPEC is a national not-for-profit organisation owned by the design, build, construction and property industry through professional associations and government groups. It’s objective is to improve the quality and productivity of the built environment through leadership of information. It is impartial and not involved in advocacy or policy development. The organisation relies on the specialist expertise of these groups to ensure the information they provide is up-to-date and a direct reflection of current industry practice and requirements.

NATSPEC are the preferred specification system for major building professionals including Government Departments, Architects, Contractors and Consultants and they maintain the National Classification System by simply helping specification writers to organise content as well as help users of this content find the information they require.

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Product Conformity

With non-conforming products entering the market, the safety and construction quality of Australian buildings has affected. More recently there have been significant issues with products that have inadequate or false evidence of conformance to applicable standards.

The NCPR (National Construction Product Register) aims to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of conformity by designers, specifiers, contractors and manufacturers. However, the NCPR will not, by itself, prevent non-conforming products being used or the inappropriate use of products. It will also not prevent fraudulent evidence of conformity accompanying non-conforming products.

The NCPR database lists products that comply to relevant Australian and international standards, that have been authenticated by NATSPEC. This list is also included in the Australian Building Code Board (ABCB) Non-Conforming Building Product section as a resource that is readily available for the building industry.

Termimesh can found on the NCPR listed under 018 Common requirements – Termimesh.

Download specifications and case studies

NATSPEC Termimesh Specification

A branded worksection template developed by NATSPEC in conjunction with TMA Corporation Pty Ltd (the Product Partner) and may be used whilst the Product Partner is licensed to distribute it.

2023-2024 NATSPEC Case Study

Perth Zoo, a world leading conservation zoo recently completed construction of their new Function Centre and Visitor Café, which is fully protected with Termimesh.

2022-2023 NATSPEC Case Study

Located in the southern Perth suburb of Baldivis, Mother Teresa Catholic College is a modern co-educational facility, catering for students from prekindergarten to Year 12.

2021-2022 NATSPEC Case Study

Mother Teresa Catholic College is a progressive co-educational facility in the fast-growing suburb of Baldivis, 60 kilometres south of Perth in the City of Rockingham.

2020-2021 NATSPEC Case Study

Termi Home & Commercial (SA) were proud to be a part of the historic Norwood Oval Redevelopment project in Adelaide, South Australia

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