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We Are Our People

Construction is complex and effective protection can only be delivered by good people with genuine experience and proper training. Our people are at the core of our network and central to the high level of protection, installation and on-site collaboration that define the way we work.

“Architects and builders across the country benefit from the focus we maintain on our people. No other company in this sector gets close to our levels of investment, resources and training. The value of people with knowledge and real experience proves itself on site and in the integrity of the protection.” – James Damianopoulos – TMA Corporation Director and COO

Earning trust

For the people who make up the Termimesh network, earning the trust of builders and architects is crucial and it comes from demonstrated knowledge and the ability to solve problems on site. Termimesh people understand the risks, they have the experience and the know-how to meet the challenges of construction.

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People are the Proof

Our proven mesh product and installation specifications are the foundation of the Termimesh System. From there, it is our experienced people who make the real difference by helping architects and builders from initial specification at design through to final installation during construction.

Wherever you find them, Termimesh people understand the priorities of architects and builders on commercial and residential construction projects. Our teams have learned through experience and training to deliver secure Termimesh installations smoothly. On construction sites, our ability to collaborate and work seamlessly proves our worth and gives peace of mind on high value construction projects.

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Our Background

Starting out in 1991 as Termimesh Australia in Perth, Western Australia, where our stainless steel termite barrier was invented, our company has continually expanded into a national franchise network around Australia and internationally.

We transformed into TMA Corporation in 2000 and diversified our range of services. Our original product the Termimesh system has been the backbone of our business, yet we now offer a range of products and services including Termitrust Pest Control, Termidry Waterproofing, Termiturf Artificial Lawn and Termishine Concrete Floor Coatings. Our offerings are distributed via the Termi Home & Commercial and Termimesh Service Centre network.

Our directors have been with us since inception and have been instrumental in the success of the company. James, Tony and Clive are dedicated to upholding the core values the company was founded on, while continuing to develop a technologically advanced product range and holding our standards to the highest level.

Termimesh continues to protect homes and commercial buildings around Australia and the world, with over 500,000 successful installations. Many of Australia’s leading builders have specified Termimesh for over 20 years.

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People Stories  

Many of our franchisees and team members have been with Termimesh for over 25 years, starting out as installers or technicians and making the move to management or investing in the business as an owner/operator.

Kay & Gary, Bunbury WA

Kay & Gary Ralph have been part of the Termimesh family for over 25 years, as owners of the Bunbury Centre. Gary is a registered builder for more than 30 years and personally oversees every Termimesh installation.

Joe, Toowoomba QLD

Joe Erbacher has owned and operated the Toowoomba Termi Home & Commercial Service Centre for 20+ years. He takes a hands on approach to his business and is actively involved in everything from installs to pest control.

Andrew & Jenny, Dubbo NSW

Andrew started working for Termimesh Macquarie Valley in 2005 and a year later he took the opportunity to acquire the franchise. Andrew and Jenny have grown the business to service a substantial area from Lithgow in the east to Broken Hill in the west, and from Lightning Ridge in the north to West Wyalong in the south.

Wayne, Cairns QLD

Wayne’s first joined the Termimesh family as the Manager of Termimesh Cairns in January 1998 and he made the decision to purchase the business shortly after. That gives Wayne a good 20+ years with Termimesh and his level of experience is typical of the benefits our people deliver to architects and builders across the country.

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