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Understanding the Difference Our Termite Mesh Provides

Understanding the key differences of stainless steel termite mesh is central to understanding the real risks of termite damage to commercial construction properties. At Termimesh, we base our approach on the belief that significant construction investments are worthy of specifying only the best protection possible.

Termimesh invented the concept of steel mesh termite protection and we have been installing our mesh for over 30 years. That starts to define our true point of difference, and the value we deliver. We have developed resources, products and processes that help architects and builders who demand superior protection for their projects and clients.

True protection only comes from superior materials, proven performance, extensive product development and people who know their stuff. For us, ‘superior’ means more effective than the alternatives, and producing a termite mesh that exceeds industry standards.


Summary for Architects

Here are some useful summary points about our termite mesh and its qualities for architects:

  • TMA Corporation Pty Ltd holds the intellectual property rights for the Termimesh System.
  • The Termimesh System uses TMA725 stainless steel mesh specification, superior to grade 316 listed in Section 6 of AS 3660.1-2014.
  • TMA725 typically has over twice the molybdenum content of 316 stainless steel alloy. This ensures corrosion resistance to harsh construction environments and chemicals like brick cleaning acid.
  • Mesh for the Termimesh System is produced by an associated company that is ISO 9001-2008 certified by Bureau Veritas.

Understanding Our High Quality Stainless Steel Termite Mesh

Termimesh have our own proprietary stainless steel specification, TMA725, an austenitic grade of stainless steel with a molybdenum content twice that of 316 stainless steel. This means Termimesh delivers superior performance to 316 or 316L and far exceeds the Australian Standards.

“The value we give architects and builders is unique because of our industry expertise, superior product and well tested installation processes. When architects and builders understand the key factors and the truth around our mesh, and the alternatives, they understand the immediate benefits of specifying the protection we deliver.” – Anthony D’Amico – Termi Home & Commercial Operations Manager, Perth WA

The composition of different stainless steel alloys varies widely, and at a glance, these variations are not obvious. The truth is, other stainless steel mesh termite barriers may not live up to their claims. Not only that, some may not be physically capable of providing ongoing protection because of inferior corrosion resistance.

For architects and commercial builders who want ongoing protection of their buildings, it is important to understand the quality of the mesh that is specified.

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Molybdenum Levels

A stainless steel barrier with less than 2.5% molybdenum in composition does not comply with the Australian Standard. This critical alloy property is central to the integrity and effectiveness of any steel mesh products.

We encourage architects and builders to ask this direct question – “How much moly does your mesh contain?”

Chinese manufactured mesh products are now available in Australia and are often not what they claim to be because of quality issues with the stainless steel alloy certification and weaving practices. Be wary of termite barriers that claim to have a protective coating or ‘special engineering’. This type of language should be considered as a warning that the alloy itself is not capable of withstanding corrosion resistance in building environments.

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Termimesh Production & Testing Process

Our own Termimesh TMA725 stainless steel mesh is made ‘in-house’ by an associated company that is ISO 9001-2008 certified by Bureau Veritas, a global testing and certification organisation. We oversee and certify the entire process as our stainless steel alloy is custom made, drawn into wire and woven into mesh. All stages of our processes are subject to rigorous and independent audits and are certified to ISO 9001-2016 (Quality Management Systems).


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