There are no shortcuts to achieving a first class finish with epoxy flooring.

Sand, dust or other contamination from unclean machinery or tradesmen will easily scratch or embed into the surface and ruin the look of the floor.

Every slab is different and will require some adjusting of the grinding process to achieve the desired result. This is when there is no substitute for experience.

We use a meticulous approach during all stages which includes on-site assessment before quoting through to a final handover inspection with our clients.

We are more than happy to explain our processes so you understand the level of our quality and can compare our standards against other suppliers.

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Just a few of our quality steps:

  • Professional slab assessment – moisture test, cracks, identifying anything that needs patching
  • Comprehensive quotes – we include all preparation processes meaning no surprises with the final price
  • Dust the number one enemy of coatings – we keep the area free from sand, dust and other debris
  • We maintain a high standard of cleanliness of grinding and polishing machinery
  • Our tradesmen are properly equipped and uniformed
  • Final handover inspection completed to ensure your satisfaction

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