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Why Termite Barriers Are Important

The purpose of a termite management system is to deter hidden termite entry and reduce the risk of termite attack.

  • Termites (also known as white ants) are active in all mainland areas of Australia 130,000 homes each year are attacked by termites
  • The average damage cost is approximately $10,000.00
  • Termite damage is not covered by home or contents insurance
  • Steel roof homes are not termite proof. Other areas of the home are still vulnerable to termite attack. For example timber floor, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Even electrical wiring.
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Choosing your preconstruction termite barrier
Termimesh Application

The Termimesh System

The original non poisonous physical termite barrier which set new standards throughout Australia and the world. It has a proven record in over 700,000 homes worldwide since our first installations in 1992.

Termimesh is installed around service penetrations prior to the slab pour and through the perimeter cavity walls at slab level and does not rely on any chemical treatment.

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Smartfilm Termite Blanket

Smartfilm is unique to our Australian network and is a proven chemical impregnated blanket which is repellent to termites. Our Smartfilm perimeter installations exclusively use Termimesh penetration protection as added benefit to the system.

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Chemical Reticulation Soil

These are rechargeable, piping systems that deliver liquid termiticide to the soil next to critical areas under and around the house. The treated soil is a deterrent to termites. As any termiticide will break down in a few years, reticulation systems offer the benefit of being able to treat the soil without disruption.

Again as an added benefit and higher level of protection, only our network installs Termimesh penetration protection with every reticulation installation.

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Hand Sprayed Chemical Soil

Primarily now only used in Western Australia, this method involves the application of a termiticide to the soil under the slab, garage floor and around the outside walls. The treated soil is a deterrent to termites. To increase the level of protection with this method, we also install Termimesh to all service penetrations.

The chemically treated perimeter soil will typically break down within 5 years and further retreatments will be required to maintain the effectiveness of the soil, although the Termimesh penetration protection will still remain effective.

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