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The Termimesh termite management system is the best way to ensure your new home or building is properly protected from termites. Made from our own proprietary ultra-marine grade stainless steel, the mesh apertures are too small for termites to squeeze through, providing a strong barrier system for years to come. One which won’t break down over time.

Successfully installed in over 700,000 homes across Australia and overseas, the Termimesh termite protection system is the preferred choice for both architects and builders. Find out more about the features and benefits here.

Quick Termite Facts You Need to Know

Termites are an insect species that have existed for millions of years.

Termites are commonly called white ants, but are more closely related to cockroaches and, like their cockroach cousins, they are here to stay. Termites are among the world’s longest surviving creatures and can readily adapt to changing environments.

There are more than 2,500 termite species in the world and this number continues to increase as identification techniques improve.

Subterranean termites are the major cause of damage to homes and buildings in Australia.

Termites are social insects and live in colonies with several hierarchical castes:

  • Queen – May live more than 25 years in several species.
  • Soldiers – Main function is to protect the colony from predatory insects like ants. They have prominent jaws and some can emit a chemical repellent.
  • Workers – They construct the characteristic earthen mud tubes or leads, search for and breakdown timber, and provide food to all the other castes. They have no wings, no prominent jaws and have a lighter coloured head than soldiers.
  • Reproductives – Once a colony reaches a certain population density, termites known as alates are produced. They develop wings and when mature they leave the colony to establish new colonies. These are sometimes referred to as flying ants.


Termites are interesting creatures and understanding their biology is paramount to developing more efficient ways to protect our homes and businesses from their damaging behaviour. Visit the damaging species of termites page or keep reading to find out more fascinating facts about termites.

Did You Also Know?

Worker and soldier termites are blind and work 24 hours a day.

  • A large nest may contain several million termites with thousands added each day by the queen.
  • The average worker/soldier lives for up to four years.
  • A termite’s favourite substance of food is cellulose, found in most wood and paper products including grass and debris.
  • Termites can also attack carpets, some plastics and even electrical cabling.
  • Termites need to live in a high humidity environment and establish themselves around moisture prone areas for the colony to survive. They have thin skin which must not dry out, or the termite will die.
  • Termites are attracted to concealed areas in houses such as the cavity wall, bathroom cabinets or wet areas.
  • Termites can squeeze through gaps as small as 1mm.

Termimesh Pledge Guarantee

Only the Termimesh Pledge delivers the first 10 years of protection without the need for compulsory annual termite inspections, plus the option for indefinite ongoing extensions to protect you for the life of the building.

  • 10 Years Upfront, No Compulsory Inspections
  • Extendable with No Limit During Warranty
  • No Dollar Limit on Warranty Claims
  • Our Own Termimesh Warranty Fund
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