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Our history

Initially our company name was Termimesh Australia but we evolved into TMA Corporation in 2000 when we expanded our product range.

TMA is an Australian based and managed company with our Head Office in Perth. We are the franchisor for the Termimesh System, Termitrust Pest Control, Termidry Waterproofing, Termiturf Artificial Lawns, Termishine Floor Coatings and Termifresh Air Cleansing Systems.

Our products and services are distributed through a franchise network operating under the names of Termi Home & Commercial and Termimesh.

Many of our senior management have worked with the company since inception in the early 1990’s. James, Clive, Tony helped establish the company, our products and our network. They still remain Directors of TMA with James being our COO. They maintain an unwavering commitment to ensuring our continued expansion whilst maintaining our core values of superior quality matched by constant innovation.

Protecting people’s homes from termites and pests has been and will continue to be one of our main services. Our pest control division started under the name of Termimesh Pest Management to service Termimesh System home owners. This name evolved to Termitrust Pest Control as our proven pest control solutions became more in demand across Australia.

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We like to think we are doing something right

Our people and our customers are very loyal. For instance many of our Termitrust Owners and Managers have worked with us for over two decades.

To name a few.

  • In Queensland our Regional Manager Paul has worked with us since 1991 and John our Technical Manager has over 25 years pest control experience and has worked with us since 2001.
  • Wayne Smith of Termi Home & Commercial (FNQ) originally started as a Termimesh installer in Cairns. He subsequently purchased the business over 15 years ago.
  • Kevin Ramage – Termi Home & Commercial (Central Qld). Kevin started as a Termimesh installer and has been the owner/ operator for over 12 years.
  • In New South Wales our Regional Manager Colin started in 1995 and Mick our Operations Manager joined us in 2000.


There are many other personal stories of dedicated and loyal service from our field Pest Technicians through to office staff. We like to believe that everyone shares a similar commitment to providing the most reputable pest control services which help protect the health of Australian families and businesses.

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