Keeping Your Home Safe from Pests

We also understand that you may be hesitant about using pest control or allowing Pest Technicians access to many areas of your home. Our people respect it is your home and are trained to be considerate, polite and courteous.

At Termitrust Pest Control we are all about providing solutions to protect homes and business from pests and the problems they cause. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life of our customers by making their home environment healthier, safer and more comfortable.

You can be assured our highly effective pest control solutions are environmentally responsible, reliable, affordable and safe.

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Our Background

We started as the Termimesh group back in 1992 with simple but powerful philosphy, to provide Australian homes with effective, long lasting and evironmentally safe termite protection. Our unique stainless steel mesh termite barrier was a world first and since then has been installed in over 500,000 homes and buildings.

With the same commitment to homeowners we expanded our services to include general pest control under the name of Termitrust. We now are a leading supplier of pest control services to homes, commercial premises and Government facilities throughout Australia.

We have over 100 local Pest Technicians and our staff are experts in pest control in their regions.

Termitrust Pest Control is a division of Termi Home & Commercial who also provide the

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