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Are rodents causing you problems in your home or business?

At Termitrust Brisbane, we know rodents so you don’t have to…Our team can quickly and effectively control your rodent problem.

Rodents are a common problem in all parts of Brisbane. They are responsible for spreading disease through food contamination and droppings. Rodent infestations rarely go away by themselves and the best way to treat the problem is by calling a trained professional.

Our technicians service all parts of South East Queensland including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan and Caboolture.

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Why Do I Need To Control My Rodent Problem Quickly?

Rodents find and eat leftover food, pet food and food scraps if they are not stored correctly. They breed quickly, producing several litters a year and, as a result, can quickly overrun a home.

Rats and mice can cause dangerous electrical faults by chewing wires and other objects to keep their teeth short. They also become “bait shy” as they can detect chemicals in food, which renders off-the-shelf remedies ineffective.


Targeted Rodent Control

Termitrust is recognised in Brisbane for providing trusted and effective rodent control options. Knowledgeable about breeding habits, biology and the best methods of keeping them away, our team will:

  • Carefully assess the full extent of any infestation
  • Take all practical steps to block entry points
  • Undertake hygiene and housekeeping
  • Appropriately use baits and bait stations
  • Establish if there is a need for odour absorbent products in roof cavities
  • Carry out the treatments to strict quality standards and specifications.


Our team will also place a follow up call to monitor the activity and success of the treatment.

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