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The Experts In Our Network – Meet Wayne Smith, Cairns

For us in the Termimesh network, earning the trust of architects and builders is really about the people who install the system and the service they deliver to our clients. Our people understand the risks, are experienced and have the know- how to meet the challenges of commercial construction. Wayne Smith is one of those people.

Termi home & commercial October 3, 2023 · 10 min read
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Key Insights

  • People who make the difference by helping architects and commercial builders from initial specification at design through to final installation during construction stage.
  • Wayne is one of the most highly experienced and qualified Termimesh supervisors and installers in the Australian network.

The Proof is in the People

Across Australia and around the world, Termimesh people understand the priorities of commercial architects and builders. Our teams have learned through experience and training to deliver smooth and secure Termimesh installations that provide peace of mind on high value commercial construction projects.

Our proven mesh, quality systems and installation specifications form the foundation of the Termimesh System. However it is our experienced people who make the difference by helping architects and commercial builders from initial specification at design through to final installation during construction stage.

The professionalism and experience of people like Wayne Smith, in Far North Queensland, illustrates the integrity within our business and the value we bring to our clients.

“Being part of the Termimesh family for over 20 years, demonstrates the real commitment I have to protecting homes and commercial buildings from termites. Here in Cairns, and across Australia, the level of experience we offer is a true advantage to the architects and builders we partner with.” – Wayne Smith, Owner, Termi Home & Commercial Cairns

Meet Wayne Smith

This is Wayne Smith, one of the most highly experienced Termimesh installers in the network.

Wayne is the owner of the Termi Home & Commercial business for Far North Queensland, with its operational base in the tropical city of Cairns. It’s serious termite territory in that part of the world, and there are not many onsite scenarios that Wayne hasn’t seen in his time with Termimesh.

Wayne’s first position with the company was as the Manager of Termimesh Cairns in January 1998. He found it great fit for his skills and personality and liked the business so much that he made the decision to purchase it shortly after. That gives Wayne a good 20+ years with Termimesh and his level of experience is typical of the benefits our people deliver to architects and builders across the country.

Background & Interests

Before committing to his career with us, Wayne was with the Royal Australian Navy for over 23 years, training to become a Qualified Naval Shipwright and rising to the rank of Warrant Officer.

Wayne is married to wife Kim who works by his side in the business and the pair are probably Australia’s most devoted and enthusiastic fans of Jimmy Buffett. They moved to Cairns in 1995 and have three adult children, all living close by – Stacey, Lisa and Mathew and a grandson, eight year old Kayne.

His nautical background has stayed with Wayne and he is a keen sailor and an active, long standing member of the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron. Aboard his pride and joy ‘The Malista’, he is a frequent visitor to the beautiful Fitzroy Island and Great Barrier Reef.

Wayne is also a dog lover and a dedicated Obedience Instructor and committee member of the Obedience Section of Cairns City Kennel Club. Wayne and his Jack Russell terrier Jools, competed in obedience and agility and have reached the highest levels of achievement.

Wayne now has the cheeky and cute Jimmy (named after Mr Buffett) and when they’re not in the show ring, they are training to compete in agility and obedience. Wayne loves the sport but enjoys it with a laid back attitude that makes fun the priority for man and dog.

And if that’s not enough, Wayne is also a passionate and experienced photographer.

“Our focus on our people, and our investment in resources and learning is a key benefit for architects and builders. There’s no substitute for true knowledge and real experience, that proves itself again and again and Wayne Smith is the perfect example of this.” – James Damianopoulos – TMA Corporation Director and COO

Experienced & Hands On

Wayne is one of the most highly experienced and qualified Termimesh supervisors and installers in the Australian network. He has always taken a hands-on approach to the business and he retains that approach today. He takes an active role in making sure every installation is of the highest standard and delivers long life, effective termite protection.

Wayne is still installing the Termimesh system himself and has strong relationships based on direct contact with his long standing builder clients. His team in Cairns has over 50 years combined experience and have an outstanding reputation with builders and onsite trades.

Wayne and his business have been members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) for over 20 years and have sponsored their local housing awards for the same period of time. He is also a long standing member of the Queensland Master Builders Association (QMBA)

Wayne was directly involved with the very first commercial Termimesh installations in Cairns – two Community Health Centres in Smithfield and Edmonton.

He has also worked on every stage of construction at James Cook University over the last 15 years, and the Termimesh System is specified on all Catholic Education Schools in Cairns.

Wayne has managed the installations on Mornington Island with a project for the construction of accommodation for Queensland Health. He also oversaw the Australian Institute of Tropical Health project on Thursday Island.

Wayne has sat on the Board of the Termimesh Warranty Fund for over 15 years. This is a voluntary position and his knowledge and experience have been invaluable to this independent trustee company.

Never one to stand still, Wayne also became a licensed pest controller in 2010.

Experts here to help

Our Termimesh team are amongst the most experienced people throughout the world in designing and delivering termite management systems for new commercial construction. Only trained, accredited technicians can install the Termimesh system. And because we all understand termites and commercial construction we lead the way in effectively and efficiently working with architects, builders and trades onsite.

The Termimesh System is comprehensive and while the product itself, our quality and our Pledge Guarantee are central to our effectiveness, every solution starts and finishes with our expert people. When you need us, we are here and ready to help.